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Garden & Workshop Tool Sharpening

There is nothing more frustrating that planning a day in the garden to enjoy the sunshine, then discovering your garden tools are too blunt. Garden shears and secateurs become blunt and bent when they are used to cut shrubs and branches thicker than they can handle. B&S Mobile Sharpening can bring the edge back to your garden tools and the enjoyment back to gardening.

Our professional sharpening service will get your tools back to peak condition quickly and affordably. With the convenience of our mobile service you can be back in the garden in no time. Don’t simply put up with dull, ineffective cutting edges, call in the experts here are B&S Mobile Sharpening.

We can sharpen a wide range of gardening equipment including:

  • Secateurs

  • Hedge clippers

  • Lawn edgers

  • Mattocks

  • Spades

  • Axes, hatchets and blocksplitters

  • Loppers and pruners

  • Shears

  • Sorry we DO NOT sharpen saws of any type including chain saws.

And many more gardening tools.

B&S Mobile Sharpening comes to you and sharpens your tools and blades on location, eliminating the hassle of dropping off and picking up your equipment. This means there is no waiting time, allowing you to get on with your garden and household work as soon as we are done.

Call us on 0407 565 049 and our local team will book your equipment ASAP. Our team are professional and experienced, ensuring you receive the highest standards of workmanship and exceptional customer service. The B&S Mobile Sharpening reputation is built on our commitment to quality services and client satisfaction.

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