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Nothing beats well-sharpened equipment like chef’s knives,scissors for the dressmakers, sharp workshop and garden equipment or dog grooming equipment. We can handle most of your sharpening needs with the exception of saws.

When it comes to tradesmen, handymen or hobbyists, keeping your equipment sharp and performing well for you makes simple jobs a pleasure. There's nothing worse than preparing for a job and finding that your equipment is blunt.


All sizes, including serrated - $8.00 each

Scissors and Shears

All sizes - $8.00 each

Pinking Shears

$8.00 each

Secateurs and Hedge clippers

$10.00 each

Axes, Spades and Loppers

$10.00 each

Office Guillotines

$30.00 each

Dog Grooming Clipper Blades

$12.00 each

Dog Grooming Scissors

$12.00 each

Horse clipper blades

$20.00 each

Pro Hairdressing scissors

$40.00 each

Chisels and Hand Planers Blades

$10.00 each

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