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Professional Mobile Sharpening Services
Port Macquarie area

Nothing beats well-sharpened equipment like chef’s knives, scissors for the dressmakers, sharp workshop and garden equipment or dog grooming equipment. We can handle most of your sharpening needs with the exception of saws.

When it comes to tradesmen, handymen or hobbyists, keeping your equipment sharp and performing well for you makes simple jobs a pleasure. There's nothing worse than preparing for a job and finding that your equipment is blunt.

You can always go and buy new equipment - to be honest I used to do that myself. I guess that's why large hardware stores are in business. However, the best way is to book in a professional mobile sharpening service, have all your equipment sharpened, and store your equipment correctly. You'll be surprised at just how cheap it is for us to sharpen all equipment promptly, professionally, and at a price you will not believe - and have it all done at your front door or at our home on the spot, if you live close by. Yes, it's that easy.


After you have booked in our mobile sharpening service, most of our customers find that their equipment easily performs as well as they did when they first bought them. Nothing beats the feel of using a freshly sharpened knife or pair of scissors after an appointment for scissor sharpening or knife sharpening. Please be advised that WE DO NOT SHARPEN SAWS.

Contact B & S Mobile Sharpening by phoning 0407 565 049 or send us an email via the 'Contact' page. Get all your equipment, knives, scissors and anything else sharpened professionally. Whether you need professional knife sharpening or garden & workshop tool sharpening, we can help you get your equipment performing to the highest possible standard at an amazingly low cost with no call out fee.

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